We’re On Our Way!

What a great day we had today! We had 14 youth at our first real joint face-to-face meeting together. Seven youth headed over from Church of Our Saviour and seven joined us from St. Michael’s. I was really delighted to see so many there and we really jumped into planning our gatherings and goals. Here is a summary of what we discussed today.

Guiding Principles:

1. Respect others when they are speaking. Only one voice at a time!
2. No phones or mobile devices in the group. If kids need to have their phone with them to text a parent or someone picking them up they will ask to do that just before we are done. I would prefer kids to be able to keep the devices themselves, but if they are being used, they will be collected on a table until the end of our time together.
3. We will meet at each of our parishes from time to time. YT will begin at about 11:30 to give kids a chance to get to the other church. We will meet until 1:00 generally but if someone has to leave early, no problem at all. If parents want kids to wait for them in the church or prefer them to come out to the car, just them them know and we will make it happen.
4. We will develop a schedule of joint group activities, separate Jr and Sr High group activities and again, alternating locations. Sometimes we will have food provided, sometimes we will make lunch together. We will always know what’s happening before the group meets.

We had a great conversation about a few important things!

I asked the question and members offered some reasons they are at YT…

+ because Mom said I had to go (a very popular one!)
+ to have fun
+ so I can nap (!)
+ it’s a new thing and I wanted to try it

That kind of sums it up, I guess!

When I wanted us to come up with a list of what we might like to do together, I framed it with the following questions:

About what are you passionate? If we really want to create something important here, how will we find where your passion intersects with the needs of the church, community and the world?

  • animal welfare: to help care for local animals, support nation or international programs
  • our environment: working for clean water for children
  • education/learning: possibility of tutoring kids or partnering with our own classmates in helping them learn
  • music: hosting a coffee house and donating the proceeds to a group like Music Rising that provides instruments to classes affected by Hurricane Katrina
  • visual arts: possibly hosting an art show with art made by youth. support Common Art, a ministry of Common Cathedral
  • basketball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse: collect funds to buy sports equipment for those who don’t have them
  • Boy/Girl Scouts: we could support a troop, buy items, support Scouting Sunday (host coffee hour?) invite Scouts to a youth event at church
  • gaming: host a event, invite boarding students from Milton Academy (Sr. Hi) or local (Jr Hi ) kids to join us.

Isn’t that an amazing list? We could have gone on for quite some time, but we also had to review the next few things coming up…

Safe Passage Car Wash: Next Sunday at 11:30, Our combined group will meet in the parking lot at St. Michael’s to help the Safe Passage program earn money for their important work.  Come get your car washed, donate to this important work and also you are invited to consider joining the group on their next trip in June 2016! Wear warm clothes!

Middle School Retreat: Our Jr Hi Group will be headed up to Barbara C Harris Camp on November 20-22 for their Diocese retreat. We need to register as a group so I asked folks to give me preliminary registration information today.  The link for a bit more information for the retreat is http://www.diomassyouth.org/upcomingevents.htm and the link to the Barbara C. Harris Retreat Center is http://www.bchcenter.org/ This is a beautiful facility and the staff are attentive, creative and welcoming! WE HAVE TO REGISTER AS A GROUP! Please send me your Middle Schooler’s information and I will register everyone together. The retreat costs $125.00, which can be paid when we arrive on Nov. 20th. Scholarships are available and I’d be happy to give you that information. ALSO, we are looking for a number of adult chaperones to attend as well. If you are interested and available to help us at the retreat, I’ll need the same registration info as the kids’ info. We have not finalized transportation details yet, since it will depend on how many kids/chaperones we have. There is some transportation provided by the Diocese, but part of the fun would be riding up together! Maybe you can’t chaperone but you have a 7 passenger vehicle and are willing to drive! Let me know…

I will post a November Newsletter to you with dates and details ASAP, but really just wanted to get this update out today. Thanks for your devotion to the Spiritual Formation of your Youth and for those who are members, thanks for your participation today and for your spiritual gifts and desire to minister to the world around you. I am looking forward to a great year together!




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